Why Choose Us

15 Simple & Straightforward Reasons Why You Should Galway Grinds Academy:

1.) We are very experienced and experts at what we do.

2.) We forensically examine past papers, we get to know our students and we use a developmental approach.

3.) Students receive a clear course outline for each subject for the year, which clearly outlines what exactly is on and when.

4.) All students receive Top Class Notes and Sample Answers with every lesson.

5.) We provide supplementary professional support on demand at no extra cost.

6.) We provide a structured and positive learning environment along with tuition.

7.)We provide tuition for English , Irish & French, subjects that need a lot of attention.

8.) Our pay as you go payment structure alleviates financial pressure for parents. Only a small deposit is required to book a place and payments are made on a monthly basis.

9.) We are the best value in Galway. Our prices are unrivalled. €20 for 1 grind, get 2 or 3 grinds for €30.

10.) We can be accessed at ease with our excellent location in close proximity to the majority of Secondary schools in Galway city.

11.) We have state of the art modern facilities with Interactive White Boards which enables the best delivery possible.

12.) Grinds are provided at times that don’t interrupt school homework schedules.

13.)  Students from different schools attend Galway Grinds Academy, which greatly adds to the social dynamic of the school.

14.)  All teachers are fully qualified, vastly experienced and members of the Teaching Council Of Ireland.

15.) We provide a free, no obligation consultation to all prospective costumers. In fact we insist on this, we know all of our customers.

Logo Gold“Helping You Be The Best You Can Be”

Galway Grinds Academy provide 4 Main Services : Junior Cert Tuition/Leaving Cert Tuition/ Intensive Courses & Mock Oral Examinations.

To book a place in any of Galway Grinds Academy’s 4 Main Services Call 0851423090 or E-Mail galwaygrindsacademy@gmail.com