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Great grinds and great value! Helped me get my honours in my Irish!! Now a primary school teacher! Ronan McDonnell

Galway Grinds Academy take a completely different approach to education. They assist and guide students on the right road, especially for exam success and with the excellent quality notes and oral material it is definitely an outstanding grinds school. Would highly recommend it to anyone.               Ciaran Gallagher

I can vouch from experience that Galway Grinds Academy will deliver the grade that you are looking for. Very professional with intensive lessons that are very rewarding. I couldn’t recommend Galway Grinds Academy more. Top class!                                           Shane McHugh

It’s an unrivalled service. Robert singlehandedly brought me from an B3 in Irish to an A2. His oral and essay classes were exceptional and I felt very prepared going into the real exam knowing what to expect. Overall, it was topclass and my only complaint is that I didn’t do more classes with him.                                                                               Dylan Boyle

Robert was the reason I got the points I needed in my leaving cert. I started the grinds at Chrsitmas of Leaving Cert year in Irish and English and it was so worth it. Robert brought me from a C1 in Irish to an A2 and he also brought me up in English. I would hugely recommend going to Galway Grinds Academy. I learned so much from him.                Rebecca Gilligan

Fantastic grinds and so well-organised. From January to June I went from being a C student to an A student in Irish.                                   Deirdre McMahon 

Roberts grinds classes are without a doubt in a league of their own. His focus on oral work helped me achieve the grades I needed in French and Irish. He brought me from a D3 to a C1 in honours French and I now feel confident enough to pursue it at 3rd level. With Roberts help you will definitely achieve the grades you desire. I highly recommend this academy.       Robert Wall

Robert’s standard of grinds are by far the most impressive I’ve ever had. He managed to bring me from a C1 to a B1 in honours Irish through intensive oral practice and superb notes. His method of teaching is modern, unique and never gets boring. Definitely recommend this academy!                 Conor Mannion

Absolutely fantastic service. I went from a C3 to a B2 in Irish through intensive and very helpful grinds. Made me feel a lot with more confident in my work and it was great value for money!          Brian Flatley

Top class service, effective teaching skills, very good value! Would definitely recommend it.                    Sarah O’ Beirn

Robert teaches in an exam focused manner that hugely improved my Irish, especially for the Oral. His insight into what examiners look for in answers is a massive help.               Conor Gavin

Very helpful service , well worth the money , would highly recommend it.      Cathal Ryan


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