Junior Certificate

Mock Oral Examinations  are provided for students leading up to the exams.

All Orals are conducted in the exact same fashion as the State Examinations for utmost preparation.

All students receive feedback and a result.

Mock Oral Examinations are Available for All Students subject to Availability.

Mock Orals are provided in both Irish & French.

Mock Orals are conducted during the months Of January,February and March.

All Mock Oral Examinations Last 15 Minutes in Duration and Each Student Receives 5 – 10 Minutes Feedback/Correction.

Mock Orals are €20 each.

Please Note that the Mock Oral Examination in Irish is worth 40 % of the total Examination for both Higher and Ordinary Level Students. It is worth 20% / 25% of the Total Examination in the French Ordinary & Higher Level Examinations respectively, thus play a very important part of the overall exams.

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